My Story

I remember 5 years ago, my stress and my health were at an all-time horrible level.  My doctors didn't want me working and I hadn't worked in 3 years.  It seemed like a curse when Social Security denied my claim, even when I could barely function.  The blessing was that I wasn't going to survive in this world unless I found some form of work that I could do around my stress and illness and that blessing turned out to be Scentsy.  Well, over the first several months, I had some tiny little Scentsy triumphs that were little positives that started to add up and lift my spirits and my health.  The next thing I knew, I had some huge triumphs and I had confidence again--and the amazing vacations I earned through Scentsy didn't hurt.  Scentsy created excitement in my life and gave me purpose--from making someone happier through sense memory, taking them back to happier times, to having a great smelling house, to knowing their family is far safer not burning candles anymore, to helping others make some extra income, to helping others gain the same life improvements that I have experienced and then some.  I wish this for you.  That's what I'm here for--I would love the opportunity to be your coach.  I would be honored if you joined my team.<!--endbody-->